IPL Photo Regeneration

Introduction – IPL Photo Regeneration

Intense pulsed light is a non-laser technology, which supplies a broad spectrum of light that is pulsed deep into the skin layers. The therapeutic light energy is transformed to heat energy, heating up and destroying specific treatment targets without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Specific treatment targets might include unwanted pigment, brown spots, sun damage and red facial veins. The body recognises these damaged cells as waste and removes them through the lymphatic system.

Conditions IPL can Treat

Define Aesthetics can treat pigment spots and sun damage skin. The overall appearance of ageing skin is primarily related to sun exposure with resultant UV damage to the collagen and elastic fibres of the skin. This causes skin imperfections such as skin laxity, dull complexion, enlarged pores, mottled pigmentation, excessive freckling and red and brown sun spots. IPL minimises or eliminates red and brown spots, evens out skin colour and texture and minimises red or flushed appearing skin.

IPL Photo Regeneration – Before and After

Define Aesthetics IPL Photo Regeneration

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment safe?

The Define Aesthetics IPL system is able to deliver light energy (or heat) to the skin and hair in a gentle way – unlike laser systems. The IPL handpiece has refrigerated technology built into the system, cooling the skin during the treatment, allowing for a premium result. Define Aesthetics ensures your comfort and protection and we have the level of experience necessary to prevent problems associated with the use of laser and IPL technology.


How many treatments will I need?

This depends on a number of factors including skin tone. For pigmented lesions, typically three treatments are performed at monthly intervals, though we may see the pigmented lesions clear sooner. IPL can treat a lot of capillaries very quickly, generally, one to four sessions will be needed to clear the entire area.


Is IPL Permanent?

It is not possible to guarantee permanent hair removal with any machine or any type of treatment. Each person will have a different result as their hair growth pattern is different and is affected by many factors and hormonal influences. IPL will cause a dramatic and permanent hair reduction, with remaining hair re-growth becoming finer and lighter.

Most people who complete a course of treatments will find they get an extremely effective hair reduction during the course and very little hair re-growth following. Some people get complete hair reduction with no re-growth and others will require regular maintenance treatments once a year or so.

Contact Define Aesthetics Mandurah for further information, our staff are here to help. We offer the latest medically proven, professionally supervised skin care treatments. Our Trained Nurse | Dermal Therapist will consult with you about your skin needs and the results you would like to achieve. Please call (08) 9534 7225 or email our staff.

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