Lycogel™ is the first breathable colour corrective treatment that combines multiple skincare technologies in one product to improve your skin while you look flawless.

Breathable Camouflage and Breathable Concealer were originally developed to be used by doctors immediately after cosmetic procedures to Camouflage the signs of their intervention and promote a quick and comfortable recovery. Since then the benefits of our unique formula have been discovered by many and is now the preferred every day, multi-functional Camouflage make-up.

Due to the unique design, Lycogel™ products are applied by clinicians directly after medical aesthetic procedures so that their patients can leave the clinic looking good with minimal discomfort from the procedure. This is why we have earned their recommendation…Lycogel products deliver he comfort and confidence you deserve. Source: Lycogel™

Products Available

Define Aesthetics Mandurah stock a full range of Lycogel™ products including:

Breathable Balm – Energise and protect the skin with this clear balm that’s packed with health benefits. Designed for those who want to take advantage of our revolutionary LYCO-Complex without the coverage.

Breathable Tint – Enjoy this luminous light coverage that gives the skin a healthy vibrant glow. Perfect for when you need light coverage and a little brightness to keep you looking radiant throughout the day.

Breathable Camouflage – Overcome any skin problem with this buildable coverage that features an elegant matte finish. Our Breathable Camouflage comes in 12 different shades, nd can be mixed and layered to suit your coverage needs. Enjoy a long lasting flawless look that you can maintain throughout the day.

Breathable Concealer – Get maximum coverage to tackle blemishes and highlight the skin’s natural beauty. This coverage is perfect for everyday use giving your skin a balanced natural look. Simply apply under the eyes or to other areas that need attention. Source: Lycogel™


Contact Define Aesthetics Mandurah for further information, our staff are here to help. We offer the latest medically proven, professionally supervised skin care treatments. Our Trained Nurse | Dermal Therapist will consult with you about your skin needs and the results you would like to achieve. Please call (08) 9534 7225 or email our staff.

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