Define Aesthetics stock the complete range of Mesoestetic products including Cosmelan, Mesoeclat, Acnelan, and Dermamelan. Please contact Define Aesthetics for further information. Our range includes:

Ultimate W+ – Whitening Solution by Mesoestetic™ – Skin whitening and perfecting line designed to prevent and significantly reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine wrinkles. Gives the skin enhance radiance and softness.

Cosmelan 2 – Depigmenting Solution by Mesoestetic™ – Cosmelan is the world’s leading professional depigmenting method. Cosmelan 2 is the topical anti=spot cream for home use. Maintains the results obtained with the professional treatment and prevents the appearance of new skin alterations.

Dermamelan – Depigmenting Solution by Mesoestetic™ – Post-treatment cream applied at home to improve skin brightness and tone. This cream belongs to the Dermamelan product line, for reducing and eliminating pigmented blemishes.

Bodyshock – The Integral Solution to Remodel the Silhouette – Range of products designed to combat alteration of the silhouette. For 360 degree action, the line includes 3 cosmeceuticals of topical application and 2 nutreneutics for oral administration.

Acne One – Mesoestetic™Solutions – For oily or acne-prone skin.Dermatologically-proven results.

Mesoeclat – Cream with depigmenting, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. The wrinkles and imperfections of the skin are attenuated and the skin gradually recovers a healthier appearance. Maintains the results obtained with the Mesoeclat professional treatment.

Contact Define Aesthetics Mandurah for further information, our staff are here to help. We offer the latest medically proven, professionally supervised skin care treatments. Our Trained Nurse | Dermal Therapist will consult with you about your skin needs and the results you would like to achieve. Please call (08) 9534 7225 or email our staff.

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