Beaute Pacifique

Symphonique Night Cream


This advanced night cream – Uniquely composed of no less than six different types of Vitamin A, resulting in both a rapid Collagen network repair i.e. a genuine anti-aging effect plus a novel preventive maintenance effect by providing your skin’s inside with a depot of repair-ready Vitamin A cocktail. This is possible thanks to Beauté Pacifique’s patented squalane-based nano-technology, by which all the different types of Vitamin A can travel all the way to the deepest layers of your skin, and rebuild lost youth and strengthen the elastic fiber network – resulting in a distinctive rejuvenation effect. All of the other ingredients complete the recipe’s ability to work beneficially and holistically nurturing your skin. Our symphonic statement is: Nothing Compares. Apply one or two pumps of the cream after cleansing – or after applying Serum Symphonique – and massage it lightly and evenly into your skin with your fingers until the cream has been fully absorbed.

NOTE: Avoid applying this cream to the eye area!
This cream is very active and, in some cases, may require a little getting used to. Therefore, start by applying in a very thin layer on cleansed skin – only every other night for the first two weeks. A little goes a long way. If redness occurs, apply the cream only when the redness has disappeared. Then use gradually more often as needed.

Unique Benefits
  • Developed with off-set in the latest breakthrough in dermatological research
  • Each of the multiple ingredients has both rejuvenating and revitalizing effects which work together to become a Symphony
  • Uniquely composed with 6 different types of Vitamin A

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