Byonik Facial

The BYONIK method stimulates cell processes and introduces special hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin. The elastin can move more freely, the skin receives intensive moisture and gains volume, and contours become more defined. In most cases the effects can already be seen following the first treatment.


  • No pain even though Byonik is a facial with medical grade results
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No heat – so no risk of burning the skin
  • Immediate results – perfect treatment for special occasion or pre-event
  • No downtime – Byonik works without causing trauma to the skin
  • Treatment can be administered all year round as there is no need to stay out of the sun
  • Safe during pregnancy

Allow 60 mins

How to prepare for your appointment:

Please arrive for your appointment with a clean face, free from makeup and any other products. For best results, drink 2litres or non-carbonated water prior to your appointment as the treatment works better if you are hydrated.

Treatment Cost: $200