Skin Boosters II Multifunctional injection system

We are now offering our clients several injectables treatments using the new SkinBooster II device. If you would like to be treated with the SkinBooster II, please mention this when booking your appointment with us.

Cosmetic Injection

What is the SkinBooster II?

The SkinBooster II device is a multifunctional injection system combined with an integrated multi-needle and vacuum,
usable for rejuvenation treatments on the entire face and body. This revolutionary new technology allows for combination
treatments of skin boosters/dermal fillers and needling simultaneously.

The unique multi-needle system maximises the efficiency of active ingredient delivery in the treatment area for highly efficient results.

The system also offers an intelligent user interface for highly customisable and precise treatments.

The multi-needle head allows for shorter treatments to ensure patient comfort. The disposable filter system.

    How does it work?

    SkinBooster II is the latest technology allowing injectors to use 9 needles simultaneously for improved comfort and shorter treatment times. The disposable filter system improves hygiene for both the practitioner and the patient while the specialised system has been developed for the delivery of active substances with precise mechanical control.

        • Minimises drug loss
        • Adjustable “SPEED” function
        • Provides stable control system
        • Accurate needling and injection
        • Quick and correct target area
        • Accurate injecting depth
        • Spill Free
        • Compatible with wide range of injectables products

    Treatment Areas

    • Forehead and the iconostasis
    • Nose
    • Around the eyes
    • Lips
    • Chin
    • Nasolabial grooves
    • Post-acne scars
    • Cheekbones and maxillary
    • Neck and décolletage


      SkinBooster II with the 9-multi needle system provides reliable and accurate treatments by providing highly customised treatments. Customisable features include type of syringe, drug dosage, depth of needle penetration and speed of injection.


      Vacuum Performance
      The vacuum maintains optimal control during treatment for precise results and reduced loss of active substances/drugs. Patients will experience reduced downtime with lower risk of bleeding and other side effects.

      Negative pressure applied on the multi-needle gently lifts the skin as needles are injected, providing much effective drug delivery. The SkinBooster II treatment is further customised with adjustable time that needles remain in the skin to control the drug loss and absorption.


        Is it painful?

        Some discomfort may be felt as it is a needling treatment and is therefore generally performed with a numbing cream to ensure patient comfort.

        Is there any downtime?

        Most patients may return to work immediately though there may be some redness and slight swelling for a few hours post-treatment.

        What products can be used with this device?

        A wide range of dermal fillers and skin boosters designed for subdermal injection can be used with the SkinBooster II.