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Symphonique Micro-Needling Perfusion Therapy Treatment Kit

Size: One treatment kit


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Symphonique Micro-Needling Perfusion Therapy Treatment Kit contains 2 products; (A) Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Patches and (B) Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Droplets that work together to firm, tighten and hydrate the skin around the eyes reducing puffiness and dark circles, as well as the appearance of fine lines.

(A) Symphonique Micro-Needling Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Patches
These innovative and unique microneedle patches each have about 900 self-dissolving crystal-needles made of crosslinked hyaluronic acid with additional active ingredients contained within the crystal needles. With an optimized and patented needle-shape these patches penetrate so gently into epidermis that they are comfortable to wear while sleeping and keeping them in place overnight providing a slow and steady delivery of the active ingredients inside epidermis where the crystal-needles gently dissolve and diffuse inside your skin overnight. Unlike invasive procedures, the patches stimulate the skin quickly, effectively and without any pain leaving the skin hydrated, plump and smooth with 900 micro-channels open for the Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Droplets (B).

Unique benefits
– Safe and effective alternative to invasive needling procedures
– Unique injection mechanism by 900 micro needles that dissolve inside epidermis
– Facilitates absorption of product (B): Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Droplets through the 900 micro-channels

(B) Symphonique Micro-needling Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Droplets
These droplets will easily be absorbed providing an instant soothing and cooling effect. Penetrated deeply, the skin contract and recovers lost firmness. Through an adjusted microcirculation inside the treated area dark circles and puffiness get reduced over time providing a rejuvenating effect.

Unique benefits
– Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
– Helps to even out skin tone.
– Instant soothing and cooling effect

How to use
Wear the (A) Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Patches on cleansed skin overnight or for minimum 4 hours and then apply (B) Puffy Eyes Perfusion Therapy Droplets immediately after removing the patches.

Notice: The eye contour skin is extremely sensitive and thin and particularly susceptible to irritation and some may even react with reddening after mechanical stress like vigilant rubbing. So – if you feel a tingling/stinging sensation in the skin and redness appears in the skin when you apply micro-needle patches – this is probably caused by pressing the needle patches too hard onto the skin. A mild redness can be expected to disappear within a short time – typically within the first half hour. It is important that the patches sit for at least 4 hours to ensure that the micro-needles have then left the skin relaxed with the hyaluronic acid been dissolved and absorbed by the skin. If the patches are removed sooner, you will most likely experience some remaining redness of the skin. Additionally, some people might experience puffiness right after removal of the patches – this will most likely disappear after applying the droplets as the following mandatory next step.

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