Beaute Pacifique


Size: 200 ml


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Gently exfoliates and hydrates using perfectly rounded pearls. Apply to damp skin and massage using circular motions – this gently loosens the dead surface of the skin and additionaly deposits a soothing layer of oil onto the skin, providing lubrication and a softening of the skin, leaving it with a protective hydrating barrier. The skin is left feeling fresh, with a youthful glow. Follow with Beauté Pacifique’s Body Lotion.

Unique Benefits
  • Gently exfoliates using round pearls, without causing irritation to sensitive skin

  • Exfoliates without the use of harmful chemical peels, which are known to thin the skin

  • Leaves the skin with a smooth texture and an elevated moisture level

  • Contains liquorice root extract, which is known to soothe irritation

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